Sean Savage
  • TrainLight Challenge: Guide people to their destinations subtly. Subtract the extraneous choices, demands and clutter that afflict most navigation tools. Challenge: Invent an Internet of Things / Augmented Reality tool that does a useful job better than smartphones, tablets and laptops. Google Maps is great for finding a new place in an unfamiliar city. It shows […] October 26, 2017
  • TrainLight: Build Your Own TrainLight hangs on the wall and tells you at a glance which nearby transit lines will get you to your destination fastest. Full explanation here. How to build a TrainLight: Make sure you have what TrainLight needs to work: Transit data: Obviously you need to live near train or bus stops for this to work. […] October 25, 2017
  • Logos: Apple vs. Elsevier The original Apple logo and the Elsevier logo seem oddly similar. The quote inscribed in the Apple logo ends with ” – – – ALONE.” The Latin phrase inscribed in the Elsevier logo means “NOT ALONE.” Clearly this is part of the conspiracy to brainwash us through vaccinations and chemtrails, and to take away our […] September 8, 2017